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Video Download: Totally ADD Tips For An Organized Life

How do you eat an entire elephant? 
One bite at a time.
How do you live your life?
One moment at a time.
How do you de-clutter, organize, reduce the noise and visual distractions, build structures, handle paperwork and build visual systems that work for the ADHD/ADD mindset? 
One video at a time.
And this is that one video.


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Simple strategies that work with the novelty-seeking, short attention span. 
De-cluttering can be painless, or at least less painful.
Organize your clothing, paperwork, stuff. 
Strategies to break intimidating, overwhelming tasks into easy 'do-able' steps.

ADHD/ADD can make it extra challenging to organize my thoughts, time, tasks, priorities, paperwork, stuff and even my hopes and dreams. In fact, once I had the diagnosis of ADHD and understood what was going on, my biggest hope and dream was simply to get my tasks, paperwork and other stuff organized. These are some of the strategies that I used, and continue to use, whether it's tidying the kitchen after a meal or producing a new television series.

Oh, wait, is this supposed to be a review? Uh, okay. I felt the plot was disjointed, but the characters were intriguing and comedian Rick Green gives his finest performance since his home video of "Taking The Kids To The Zoo." Very Fellini-esque with a hint of Martha Stewart. Three thumbs up. (Wait, whose hand is that?)

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