What is ADHD? (Disk #1)

The history of the diagnosis from the 1800’s onward.

Why the 18 Symptoms in the D.S.M. don’t tell the whole story.

How ADHD evolves into adulthood.

The neurology and role of cathecolamines.

Secondary symptoms and comorbidities.

This video will provide a solid foundation for everything you do to manage and overcome your ADHD.


Embracing the Diagnosis! (Disk #2)

What you need to know before you see a doctor.

The challenges of a ‘spectrum disorder.’

70% of ADDers have a second disorder.

The value and the limitations of quizzes.

The importance of an ‘interview’ that explores the entire lifespan.

Is my doctor qualified to diagnose ADHD?

Why is ADHD often misdiagnosed as Depression or Anxiety? 


Living with ADHD (Disk #3)

How ADHD impacts communication.

Getting past blame.

Sensitivity to sound & touch.

Dial down the emotions.

Changing family dynamics.

When the ADDer is in denial.