Join Rick Green for his presentation on Dealing With Negativity plus these ADHD experts:

         * How to avoid AD/HD medication mistakes
            with Author and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Laurie Dupar

         * How to improve your working memory and "remember to remember"
            with Author and Psychologist Dr. Ari Tuckman

         * How to make the best AD/HD medication decisions for your child
            with Author and Developmental Pedicatrician Dr. Mark Bertin

         * Why people with AD/HD have trouble with sleep, and how to
           improve your sleep with Author and Psychologist Dr. Roberto Olivardia

         * ADHD-friendly strategies to dig yourself out of debt
            with Author and Psychologist Dr. Stephanie Sarkis

         * Simple strategies to motivate your AD/HD child
            with Author and Coach Margit Crane

         * How to deal with the shame associated with AD/HD
            with Coach Bonnie Mincu

         *** Plus, you'll also enjoy expert Q&A sessions
              with Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. Patricia Quinn!
         * And many more sessions delivered by expert doctors, therapists,
            coaches, and authors!

When you register for the Virtual AD/HD Conference, you'll:

         - Invite 23 of the top AD/HD experts into your home - and you
don't even have to clean up!
         - Learn the latest and most up-to-date information on AD/HD
         - Find important tools and resources, and discover valuable
success strategies
         - Connect with real people who understand what it's like to be in
your shoes
         - Learn at your own pace, in the ways that work best for you
(audio, visual, interaction)
         - Save money, time, and energy by participating from your own home
or office
         - Easily access the information, resources, and tools you're
looking for all in one place