Comedians Patrick McKenna and Rick Green, the team from the award-winning ADD & Loving It?! are back with the sequel.

ADD & Mastering It! targets the specific challenges of ADHD & ADD with 36 simple tools.  Rick and Patrick share proven strategies that will make you organized, powerful, productive and achieving what matters to you.

These are the same practices they have used to become successful ADHD adults. And 20 top ADHD experts who offer clear advice so you can begin moving forward with power and strength.

The 36 tips focus on organization, time management, prioritizing, motivation and completing big projects. Unlike so many ‘organizing programs’ these are designed to work with the ADHD/ADD-mindset. And in fact, the advice here is of value to anyone living in today’s increasingly fast-paced, hyperactive world.

This funny and fascinating program will transform your life and the world around you.