What IS Gentle Nudge Me and where did it come from?

It’s exactly what the name implies – a gentle nudge to get you on track to finish that project or book or exercise program. The brains behind Gentle Nudge Me: Gina Hiatt, PhD, who originally created the program to help graduate students finish writing their dissertations and theses. She called it the “Academic Writing Club” and it was wildly successful (it’s still around if you’re a grad student in need of support).

Gradually Dr. Hiatt realized that there was a broader application for online accountability and she created Finish Agent for the rest of us. Gentle Nudge Me is a direct descendant of Finish Agent (in fact, you’ll see the name Finish Agent hanging around some of the Gentle Nudge Me pages).

But what does it look like and how does it work?

Well, it looks a bit like an online Excel spreadsheet (horrors!) but it’s much more friendly. And it’s interactive, too! To see what it looks like and see how it works click on the "Buy Now" button.