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Video Download - ADHD & Emotional Sensitivity

by Jimi Doidge Posted on August 20, '14

"ADHD & Emotional Sensitivity is OUTSTANDING!!!

To what the woman said who didn’t have kids because of latent ADD in the hiding in the background, that’s my story too.

Yes to the high sensitivity aspect…

Best video yet!


Thank you!"


ImpactADHD - ADHD Parent Manual

by Jimi Doidge Posted on April 23, '14

“We have gained confidence in parenting and advocating, learned real-life tools for handling challenging situations, road blocks and melt downs, and have acquired an “upgrade” to our parenting style. Not only do we provide love and support as we did in the past, but now it is tailored to how our son can process it in his mind.”

Tabora B, GA


“Kudos for what you do and the hope you give parents like me.”


ImpactADHD - Homework Headaches

by Andy Walker Posted on April 07, '14

ImpactADHD’s Parent Academy is brilliant. The content is strong and just what parents need to know. There’s a lot of great information, and it’s broken down into small enough chunks that it’s easy to use. The format that the material is delivered is also excellent, especially compared to other programs I’ve tried. From an online user experience, it’s straight-forward, very well done and easy to do in short segments and come back to it later. I don’t think you could make it any more simple. Overall, the program is just brilliant! ”

Cynthia C, London, England


“I explained to my son that Impact ADHD is helping me learn how to help him learn skills, rather than taking over and telling him what to do. As a person who sees something needs to be done and just does it, this is hard for me to remember to do. I was trying to help him see that we all struggle with things in life. I think we ended up having a really good discussion. He and I agreed it was worth every penny we are spending to learn these skills – so THANK YOU.”

Sheri D, GA


“Thanks to ImpactADHD, we have learned so many actionable and positive strategies to reduce the stress around homework, from the simple step of a jumping jack break to get the wiggles out and activate the brain, to the more holistic process of co-creating a homework routine that allowed my son to feel both successful and in control.”

Christa R. CA

ImpactADHD - Minimize Meltdowns

by Jimi Doidge Posted on April 07, '14

“My husband and I are really benefitting from ImpactADHD’s Parent Academy. Just listening to the videos really helps us, especially the video about shifting expectations. The questions themselves are great, and it’s also great that we can go at our own pace.”

Christina A, NJ


“I accessed the Parent Academy on my iPad, and then linked to the living room TV. The video plays beautifully, and I can move forward through the course and answer the questions on my iPad, rather than hunched over a computer screen. My husband and I can watch these while sitting on the couch, where we are most comfortable making big decisions and having our discussions. Sound quality and picture quality was excellent, too.”

Michelle S, Nebraska


“ImpactADHD’s Parent Academy is brilliant. The content is strong and just what parents need to know. There’s a lot of great information, and it’s broken down into small enough chunks that it’s easy to use. The format that the material is delivered is also excellent, especially compared to other programs I’ve tried. From an online user experience, it’s straight-forward, very well done and easy to do in short segments and come back to it later. I don’t think you could make it any more simple. Overall, the program is just brilliant!”

Cynthia C, London, England

ADD Crusher

by Jimi Doidge Posted on November 08, '13

ImpactADHD - Parent Success System!

by Jimi Doidge Posted on August 27, '13

“Finding ImpactADHD was a tremendous help for my family early on after diagnosis. Joining the Parenting Success System totally completed the package. Having someone share tools for coping with parenting challenges, along with keeping me accountable to put them into practice, has been very helpful. It’s also very reassuring to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing challenges. ImpactADHD fits our needs above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! Without it, I don’t know where we would be now.”  ~ Jennifer B, Georgia


“This has been a great way  for me to get ideas, information, encouragement and support without needing to get in the car and go somewhere! I like the explanations, the tools in my tool-box, the support, and the explicit directions. My challenge with other programs has been signing up and then not using it because it‘s something you have to put on the calendar. I can use this when I need it most! “  ~ Gllian  G, Georgia


Power to the Parent

by Jimi Doidge Posted on August 23, '12

“Thanks for all you did to get me to this peaceful and happy place. I know what I want and will not play games. I am so excited about ImpactADHD… ” ~ Lynn, Parent

“It is with great excitement that I recommend ImpactADHD to my patients.” ~ Dr. Elizabeth LeDuc, Pediatrician

“My joining the ImpactADHD community has empowered me, validated my humanness, and has given voice to my desire to parent my ADHD child to the best of my ability. I am now gratefully connected to a community of parents and experts who understand and are making a difference in my life and my family’s life.” ~ Suzann, Parent

Video Download: ADD & Loving It?!

by David Furlong Posted on August 02, '12

Rather than review our own movie, ADD & Loving It?!, we thought it would be best to show the impact it’s had. Here’s what TotallyADD members wrote. These are culled from Emails and the comments left on the video of the ‘trailer’ and Emails sent to us directly.

.       “I’m a father of an ADD child (now 15) and I can’t tell you what a struggle it has, and continues to be.  Have received great help in the past but when I watched your show, I was inspired. And even though I know a “ton” about the subject, your presentation was by far, the best I have seen.” - AD

.       “I have lived 30 years with an ADD son and took courses about ADD, read all I could. This is by far the best I have ever seen to help ‘others’ understand what it is and stop telling ADD people to ‘get your act together!’ Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!”- LLB

.     "My parents and i saw this show on PBS, and HAD to get it!! This video was SOOOOO helpful. It had put so many things in perspective for me, even things I thought were simply personal attributes/or setbacks. Sincerely, an EXTREMELY satisfied customer/ counselor/ college student
(Any questions? Just ask me.)" - 

April R.

 "I am so thankful I stumbled across it one Sunday morning after my diagnosis – I cried, I laughed, I nodded in recognition and felt understood. Thankfully I have been able to see it from the beginning – and cried and laughed and nodded. . . as I have in the 5 or more times I have re-watched. Thank you Rick and Patrick. I find myself really trusting the information because of all the Dr.s in it and giving credence to those Dr.s because they are in it. A logical circle I know, but they sure hit the nail on the head.

- Bryans 7

.       “Wow!!  Finally a POSITIVE look at ADD & ADHD.  This show is fantastic. Instead of crying like I’ve done through so many discussions and worrying about my now adult daughter, I can honestly laugh!” – PP

 I first saw it on PBS then got it on DVD and it didn’t hit me until I watched the DVD version (5th time watching the content) that the reason that it was not sinking in all the way is that it was chopped up by a pledge drive. - Ki6Wbh

.       "Our family just LOVED your show, “ADD & Loving It?!” Such awesome information that was educational, comforting and even hilarious! Patrick McKenna and Rick Green are a funny and charming inspiration to those with ADD.” – JM

.       “I watched the film on Friday night and I loved it! As a teacher it gave me insight as to how my own students with ADD may be feeling. I liked the fast-paced, humorous approach you took to a documentary.” – LW

"Thank you Patrick for lending your talent and energy to this project. Its nice to see a familiar face when looking into something that has so impacted me and I didn’t even realize.

" - Annar

.        “I watched your film last night (PVR’d it so I could “zoom” through any commercials), I’ll tell you, I got so “Gotten” about 1/2 way through — my husband started giggling and told me “Well, that explains why we had 16 different colours of paint on every single wall” (When I was choosing a colour for our house – which I still haven’t done. I did paint over the 16 with one crappy muddy bit of yuk,) … I started laughing and then went into hysterical sobs… I have never before been so “gotten” with respect to what I deal with… My hubby saw that these actions are not a choice, nor a lack of decision, but what it actually is… a part of how I operate.” – NB

.     "This program helped me, and my husband (to deal with me) immensely. I’ve had A.D.H.D. my whole life, but wasn’t officially diagnosed until last year. I’ve never done any research to figure out how to mange it, this video gave me MANY tools that will help."
 - Kmccathran

.     "I’m watching ADD and Loving it?! right now at 3:00 am!! This is my 5th time watching it! It is amazing and I joke about it being my life documentary! I tell my friends that I’m watching my life on TV."  
- Steph27

.       “Where and when can I get a copy of the documentary? I watched it with my Mom and Dad last night (all three of us have ADD) and thoroughly loved it. Thanks.” – J

.        "That was the best show on ADD I have ever seen." - LN

.     "My 9 yr old grandson was diagnosed with ADHD, which I thought was bogus and just an excuse for the teachers not wanting to deal with a highly energetic child. Boy, was I wrong. After watching ADD and Loving It?! I now realize this runs in our family – my mother, myself, my son and my grandson as well as some of my siblings and other family members. Heck, it’s no wonder I thought it was normal! 
I’ve ordered all the information available and have shared this website with my family. Know any good doctors who give group rates? LOL!!" - Bettybhee

.       “Thank you for your Documentary!! I loved it~ thank you for putting it in PLAIN SIMPLE ENGLISH…” - C

.     "I watched the show a while back and it completely changed my mind. 
My opinion of ADD used to be that it didn’t really exist and that it was just an excuse for people. I’ve made comments such as, “The cure for ADD must be leather because our father’s belt made us pay attention”
Thank you for opening my eyes and relieving my ignorance. It’s great to see celebrities promoting science instead of conspiracy theories and pseudo-science – I’m looking at you Jenna McCarthy and Oprah."

 - Luisp

"I just loved this documentary. It was so informative and I sent a link to all my family and close friends to watch it... I have just started exploring your web site and so far, I love it! Keep up the good work."

 - Sam I Am

.     "THANK YOU! This is a funny, interesting and it gives me hope for myself and my kids with ADD. 
But, I’m praying that this movie will be translate in French so soon… (PLEASE!!!!!!)
my kids don’t speak English enough to understand everything….It could SO encourage them …they are 11 and 13…they are not diagnosed …yet but we do have an appointment.
Merci beaucoup :O)"

 - River

Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? Stopping the Roller Coaster When Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder [Paperback]

by David Furlong Posted on August 02, '12

When our documentary ADD & Loving It?! debuted on PBS in the fall of 2010, we were asked to include bonus material for people who called and made a pledge to support Public Television. We chose two books, “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy” by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo, and “Is It You, Me, Or Adult ADD?” by Gina Pera.

The documentary was about fellow comedian Patrick McKenna getting a diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood. He’d always suspected, but assumed he had it handled. Surprise!

The best part of the documentary for most people was the relationship between Patrick and his wife, Janis. Their story, which we will be expanding upon in an upcoming video, touched hundreds of thousands of lives. Couples recognized their struggles in Patrick & Janis’s story.

While we were making the documentary Janis was devouring books on ADHD, knowing that she would be on camera, and wanting to make a powerful contribution. The book that resonated most deeply for her, and for Patrick, was this one.

It’s why we included it in the PBS drive.

It’s why you want to include it in your arsenal of tools.

Gina Pera doesn’t have ADHD. But she shares her journey to figure out what was wrong with her marriage, why she and her husband could be so deeply in love and yet struggling so hard. When she found out what was going on, she was angry. Angry that no one had recognized it sooner. And angry still at the stigma and ignorance she encountered when she and her husband moved forward.

A journalist by training, she decided to find out the truth, and at some point, her search turned into a mission, a crusade against needless pain and suffering, a crusade to allow couples to ‘love, cherish and honour’ each other. She attended an ADHD Adult support group meeting and two hours later was asked to lead the group. She has been doing that for years with hundreds of couples. Gina draws upon the stories of those couples to bring the symptoms of Adult ADHD to life.

A great book by a passionate, smart lady.

Scattered Minds: Hope and Help for Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [Paperback]

by Ava Green Posted on August 02, '12

By Rick Green

The first Doctor we interviewed on camera for ADD & Loving It?!, and everything that has followed, was Doctor Lenard Adler.

Halfway through, as we changed camera tapes, he chuckled, “Well, you’re is a lot easier to talk to than Morley Safer.” A world-class expert in ADHD/ADD, Dr. Adler has appeared on 60 Minutes, Today, and in the New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, and more.

If you’ve taken the World Health Organization’s ADHD screening test, the A.S.R.S., you’re familiar with his writing. Ha!

The man knows his stuff.

Working with health writer Mari Florence he shares some of that good stuff.

There’s no big agenda. No ego. The focus is on you. And your progress.

You’ll find other ‘comprehensive guides’ to ADHD/ADD that run twice as long, and contain a fraction of the hard science in Scattered Minds.

Yes, this book explores the warning signs, debunks the myths, explains what constitutes a proper diagnosis, and lays out the range of tools and treatments. And yes, the authors include sample cases with ‘names changed’, to illustrate how Adult ADHD/ADD looks in daily life.

But the book goes deeper, exploring the neurology through photos of real brain scans. Scattered Minds will arm you with powerful ammunition to deal with dismiss ADHD as a behavioral problem, a moral failing, or simply an excuse. Is there anything more satisfying than gently asking a ‘know-it-all’ about the suspect genes like DRD4, DRD5, SLC6A3 and the rest? (Page 83).

By the way, that chapter is titled, “What Causes ADHD? What We Know So Far.” This book clearly clear what we know and what remains a mystery. And then focuses on what you can do to take on ADHD and win.

Just make sure you do not confuse this with another ADHD book of the same name by Dr. Gabor Mate.


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