What is ADHD? (Disk #1)

This video will provide a solid foundation for everything you do to manage and overcome your ADHD.

The program emphasizes the long history and solid science that has resulted from 4,000 ADHD/ADD studies. If there are doubters around you, or those who assume ADHD is a gift, this video is for them. Full of reliable fascinating information presented by leading experts who are committed to understanding and transforming ADHD, the video is a pleasure to watch. Comedian Rick Green, who discovered he had ADHD as an adult, has a degree in science. So his personal experience, scientific background and a commitment to education will draw you in. Rick makes the complex simple, without fudging the facts. He focuses on what you need to know, making it ‘understandable.’ And his humor will keep you watching.      


Embracing the Diagnosis! (Disk #2)

One of the goals of ADD & Loving It?!, our documentary on Adult ADHD, was to get adults who have ADHD or ADD to recognize themselves. Sure enough we were inundated with, “That’s me!” “Have you been spying on me!” .Suspecting you have ADHD but never knowing for sure, and never doing anything about it, can cost you years of your life, and undermine every relationship, personal and professional.  

Undiagnosed and untreated, this ‘disorder’ wreaks havoc on adults and the people around them. But understand who you are, how you are wired and you can succeed. And if it’s not ADHD/ADD, if it’s something else, you want to know.  

In this brisk, concise video, comedian & ADDer, Rick Green explains 13 challenges to diagnosing ADHD in adults, then Dr. Umesh Jain and a dozen experts show how to overcome each one. 

Oh, and yes, there’s the usual fistful of interesting bonus material. 


Living with ADHD (Disk #3) 

Host Dr. Umesh Jain cuts through the drama to offer no nonsense advice for everyone involved. As he makes clear, the Non-ADHD partner has been struggling to understand and hold the family together. A diagnosis of ADHD will have an impact on their lives as well.

Gina Pera, author of Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? explains how to break the cycle of arguments, accusations, frustration and despair. She offers encouragement to the partners and parents in ‘taking care of yourself’ dealing with emotionally charged issues.

And Dr. Jain offers guidance on dealing with the changing family dynamic. When the ‘black sheep’ understands what’s going on, seeks treatment, and makes progress then other family members will have to take responsibility for their actions. Their resistance can undermine progress. 

There are practical steps for both the ADDer and their partners that can eliminate the conflict and chaos of this misunderstood mindset. Make your marriage, partnership or friendships soar.