REVIEW- by Rick Green

This is a great book! The perfect gift for someone who doesn’t believe ADHD is real, or doesn’t see that they may have it, or figures it’s just ‘who I am.’

It explores 155 different things ADHD Adults do, believe, avoid, stumble over, or completely miss.

The authors’ intention is to surprise you, and give you a much fuller appreciation of where ADHD may be sabotaging your life. 

Each on of the ‘signs’ or ‘behaviors is laid out in one easy-to-read page. Each is numbered and has an intriguing title such as, #18 Darwinian Blunder; 24 Child Chimney; 35 Spidey Senses; 79 Mr. Spock; and 149 Little League Lawyer.

And the book is funny. It always makes me laugh out loud, and I know what’s coming, because I actually co-wrote it. Actually, I rarely remember the punch-lines cause my working memory is crappy. (See #91 Elusive Answer; and 59 Yeast? It said yeast?)

A funny, informative read by two of the handsomest and humble human beings ever to walk the face of this planet. Or any other planet.

On a more serious note, it’s a clever and powerful tool to slip into the hands of someone who is in denial, or worse, thinks they know exactly what ADHD is.