When our documentary ADD & Loving It?! debuted on PBS in the fall of 2010, we were asked to include bonus material for people who called and made a pledge to support Public Television. We chose two books, “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy” by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo, and “Is It You, Me, Or Adult ADD?” by Gina Pera.

The documentary was about fellow comedian Patrick McKenna getting a diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood. He’d always suspected, but assumed he had it handled. Surprise!

The best part of the documentary for most people was the relationship between Patrick and his wife, Janis. Their story, which we will be expanding upon in an upcoming video, touched hundreds of thousands of lives. Couples recognized their struggles in Patrick & Janis’s story.

While we were making the documentary Janis was devouring books on ADHD, knowing that she would be on camera, and wanting to make a powerful contribution. The book that resonated most deeply for her, and for Patrick, was this one.

It’s why we included it in the PBS drive.

It’s why you want to include it in your arsenal of tools.

Gina Pera doesn’t have ADHD. But she shares her journey to figure out what was wrong with her marriage, why she and her husband could be so deeply in love and yet struggling so hard. When she found out what was going on, she was angry. Angry that no one had recognized it sooner. And angry still at the stigma and ignorance she encountered when she and her husband moved forward.

A journalist by training, she decided to find out the truth, and at some point, her search turned into a mission, a crusade against needless pain and suffering, a crusade to allow couples to ‘love, cherish and honour’ each other. She attended an ADHD Adult support group meeting and two hours later was asked to lead the group. She has been doing that for years with hundreds of couples. Gina draws upon the stories of those couples to bring the symptoms of Adult ADHD to life.

A great book by a passionate, smart lady.