REVIEW by Rick Green:

One of our most popular videos on  is Dr. Jain's explanation of the  term “informed consent”. Briefly, it refers to patients being well informed about the benefits, side effects, possible complications, and alternative  procedures of any operation or medication. It also means clearly understanding the risks of doing nothing.

Ms. Warner cuts through the ubiquitous and amorphous fear that surrounds ADHD medications with facts. Sometimes too many. And sometimes from less that reliable sources.

Facing medication is like politics and religion. Everyone has a strong opinion, often deeply felt. With ADHD & medication it’s often based on what they read somewhere or heard or, “As everyone knows…”

Judith Warner is journalist, not a scientist, so the book is written in a riveting style. At times I felt like I was hearing the same message as our documentary, namely, “Everything you think you know is probably wrong.” Beyond the mythology and misinformation that still surrounds ADHD and ADHD Medications, every expert has their own particular beliefs, and for some it becomes an agenda. It’s very easy to bend statistics or find particular studies to prove whatever ‘truth’ you want. (Check out Rick’s Rants on “Cause & Effect”

This book jumps into the controversy and takes it apart.

Yes, there is a great deal we don't yet know about ADHD/ADD. There is a great deal of mythology and misinformation that lives on and on. But there is a great deal that we do know about ADHD, and ADHD medication. And this is a good place to find out which is which.