The best reason to buy any books about ADHD/ADD is that if you understand your brain you'll be able to get more done. Which is why I recommend this book, Understand Your Brain, Get More Done by Ari Tuckman.

The subtitle is The ADHD Executive Functions workbook. Personally I approached it as a puzzle book and the puzzle I was trying to figure out was me.

The term Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder is simply inadequate. Partly because it’s over 30 years old. (I'm over 35 years old but feeling less inadequate everyday.)

Sometimes we have a deficit of attention; yet sometimes we have a surfeit of attention, called Hyper-Focussing. Watch an ADHD kid with a video game. Or an ADHD comedian doing Improv. Or an ADHD soldier in combat.

As for Hyperactivity, well, not everyone has this. So ADHD is already at least two different disorders, ADHD & ADD.

It’s more than just drawing up a list. Ari is smart and warm and patient. He never pushes or berates or tries to cheerlead. Rather, he offers fascinating questions that lead you to powerful answers. You explore your feelings, discover your hidden challenges, get present to all the ways they hold you back, and then are guided through process of creating solutions that will work for you. But it doesn't end there. Knowing things may not go well with first time (Ha Ha!) the book then has you examine what worked, what didn't and why. Then you adjust and correct and move forward.

There's a tremendous power that comes from writing things out in longhand. Writing is complex, it activates a number of areas in the brain. By writing it on paper you are writing it into your own brain, into your memory.

If you’ve ever kept a diary or journal you know the power of pouring out concerns, doubts and fears onto a page. (Or ten pages.) By getting thoughts, good or bad, out of my head and onto paper instantly makes them appear manageable. My emotional overwhelm is reduced to lines on the page with the beginning, middle and end. Reading what I wrote last week or last month is always a revelation. I can separate legitimate concerns from dramatic overreactions and worst-case scenarios. (This used to be one of my strong suits. Runaway thoughts. Doctors call it ‘Catastrophizing.’)

It's clear that Ari appreciates the range of ways that ADHD/ADD can manifest itself among the range of those of us who have it. His examples of how the impairments look in real life will give you a new appreciation of the range of ADHD/ADD. He offers hundreds of examples of the kinds of things we do or fail to do but also the feelings we may suffer from or the false beliefs we may develop

So Understand Your Brain, Get More Done is a book you co-write. It’s not about ADHD, it’s about you. It’s called a work book, but it never felt like work.  After all what's more interesting to me than me, and what's more interesting to you then you. Developing yourself is the best possible investment. Unlike learning say, a new accounting software which will be obsolete in 5 years, you are you from now and forever.

Removing hidden obstacles, unseen shackles and hidden saboteurs is life changing.