We interviewed Dr. Russell Barkley several years back when we were just preparing to launch Totally ADD. It was the end of a long day at an ADHD conference. Yet I found him to be laser sharp and the most well-spoken person I’ve ever met. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the research. Later, as I learned more, I realized why—he was doing a lot of it!

I’m not sure if anyone else knows more about the neurology and brain science, or about which studies and statistics are reliable and which are flawed. At various ADHD conventions I was surprised at how highly regarded Dr. Barkley is. Having heard him speak a few times, I’m no longer surprised.

Dr. Barkley is not a counselor, a family doctor. He is not a ‘clinician’ who sees patients directly. Rather he is a researcher. Yet in his work, in his own studies and those of others, he has ‘seen’ thousands’ of children and adults with ADHD. He has done studies on the causes of ADHD, the effectiveness of medications and the success rates of other ADHD tools and strategies. He knows what ADHD/ADD is and while this book may not be as folksy or charming as other bestsellers, it is optimistic and will address all of your concerns.

Especially powerful is the chapter that deals with one of the biggest stumbling blocks to progress, the belief that, “Yeah, I probably have it, but I’ve got it handled. I can take care of it.” Read that one chapter and your stubbornness/pride/resistance will melt away. You’ll actually look forward to moving forward. And you’ll know who to turn to and who to trust.

A great book. And I say that on behalf of every doctor, counselor and person who has recommended Taking Charge of Adult ADHD.

Oh, by the way about our interview with Dr. Barkley? It was incredible. But there was a problem with the F#$&%* camera! So it’s not usable. We will be interviewing him again, as soon as we can make arrangements. In the meantime, buy this book.