REVIEW by Rick Green

The title of this book kind of sets itself up for failure. Calling itself The Everything Health Guide to Adult ADD/ADHD is a no-win situation. Because at this point in time and likely for my lifetime at least, we don't know everything about ADHD.

Like every area of brain science our understanding is always being expanded and refined as we learn more. And with ADHD/ADD there is clearly a lot more to learn. During interviews for ADD & Loving It?! one doctor admitted that he wouldn't be surprised if a decade from now ADHD/ADD has been redefined and split apart into 5 or 6 different disorders because, “… It just shows up in so many different ways and such wide variations.”

So being the Everything Health Guide to Adult ADD/ADHD is impossible.

That said, Carol Jacobs and Isadore Wendel come darn close. They cover the basic history, symptoms and theories about the neurology of the disorder, and they do a fine job of capturing the good news/bad news about adult ADHD. “I've learned to use my ADHD to my advantage. In some areas of life. Most of the time. Through trial and error and error and error.

The challenges in process of diagnosing ADHD are explore in detail. And then comes the good stuff: the tools and strategies. The information on medication was balance will give you a good grounding and perhaps a fresh perspective. I find it every time I read about ADHD medication I'm left with a fresh appreciation, a more holistic and deeper understanding of both the potential and the limitations.

The book is ADHD friendly, in all the familiar ways. Short paragraphs. Ideas broken down into digestible chunks. Highlighted sections with titles like FACT, ESSENTIAL, and ALERT. Lots of options and ideas. Checklists and bullet points.

But the book is also ADHD/ADD friendly in another way--it's mercifully concise. There's not a lot of human stories and personal “sharing my struggles” melodramatics. The books not a dry read but neither is it a florid exposé packed with anecdotes and reminiscences. Considering how many of the top ADHD books are written by people who have ADHD, and the natural tendency to drama and overly emotional eloquence that just won't shut up (Me, more than anyone, I think) this book is a delightfully quick read. The maximum information in the minimal words. I found the pages flew by. All 271 one of them.