REVIEW by Rick Green: 

 I’m a man. And I have A.D.H.D.. Not A.D.D..

Since this book is titled, “WOMEN WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER: EMBRACE YOUR DIFFERENCES AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE”, I’m pretty clear I’m not the target audience for this book. But everyone woman I know who has A.D.D. and has read this great book loves it. In fact, many of them first realized what was going on and why they were struggling in life by reading Sari’s book.

When we’ve interviewed female psychiatrists and psychologists who specialize in ADHD, I always ask what books they recommend, Sari Solden’s book is usually the first one they recommend. Especially if they themselves have A.D.D.. (And many do!)

So this is clearly a transformative book for any woman with A.D.D., and a must read for the friends and family who love them and want to understand how to help.