By Umesh Jain

I must admit, I never read the prequel, Driven to Distraction also by Edward (Ned) Hallowell and John Ratey. This current update is a 416 page book and was published in 2005 where the original, and hugely popular book was published back in 1994. Having been an active researcher since 1996, I know the impact that the original book had on the world of ADHD. Singularly, it was one of the factors that broke adult ADHD out into the mainstream. This newest edition tries to bank on some of the success of the original title so that is why it is titled so. Ten years later it was likely time to update the status of the world of ADHD through the eyes of the first recognizeable superstar spokespersons of ADD. 

This new book, Delivered From Distraction works like a great pep talk. It speaks directly to the sufferer of ADHD in a very personal and empathic manner. The authors speak from their own experiences and there is something quite refreshing to have this exposé from such accomplished people. It also draws on many case examples and the struggles and miracles of those diverse lives.  I took some time to scan the on-line reviews of readers to get a sense of what readers have drawn from this book, and the vast majority described the passion and warmth of Hallowell and Ratey.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who has just been diagnosed with ADHD because it humanizes the condition and takes the bite out of the stigma. The message is about hope and the future. While it may not be considered a scientfic reference text (nor does it pretend to be that), it does speak to the global issues that surround ADHD.

It is an easy read and that's important for ADDers. In fact, the authors have the first section written as a summary of the book just in case you don't have the patience to read the whole thing.

Insightful and practical.