By Rick Green

The first Doctor we interviewed on camera for ADD & Loving It?!, and everything that has followed, was Doctor Lenard Adler.

Halfway through, as we changed camera tapes, he chuckled, “Well, you’re is a lot easier to talk to than Morley Safer.” A world-class expert in ADHD/ADD, Dr. Adler has appeared on 60 Minutes, Today, and in the New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, and more.

If you’ve taken the World Health Organization’s ADHD screening test, the A.S.R.S., you’re familiar with his writing. Ha!

The man knows his stuff.

Working with health writer Mari Florence he shares some of that good stuff.

There’s no big agenda. No ego. The focus is on you. And your progress.

You’ll find other ‘comprehensive guides’ to ADHD/ADD that run twice as long, and contain a fraction of the hard science in Scattered Minds.

Yes, this book explores the warning signs, debunks the myths, explains what constitutes a proper diagnosis, and lays out the range of tools and treatments. And yes, the authors include sample cases with ‘names changed’, to illustrate how Adult ADHD/ADD looks in daily life.

But the book goes deeper, exploring the neurology through photos of real brain scans. Scattered Minds will arm you with powerful ammunition to deal with dismiss ADHD as a behavioral problem, a moral failing, or simply an excuse. Is there anything more satisfying than gently asking a ‘know-it-all’ about the suspect genes like DRD4, DRD5, SLC6A3 and the rest? (Page 83).

By the way, that chapter is titled, “What Causes ADHD? What We Know So Far.” This book clearly clear what we know and what remains a mystery. And then focuses on what you can do to take on ADHD and win.

Just make sure you do not confuse this with another ADHD book of the same name by Dr. Gabor Mate.