ADHD & Emotional Sensitivity (Digital Download)

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ADHD and Emotional Sensitivity

Does ADHD Affect Emotions?

From TotallyADD | Those of us with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are often overly emotional, struggling to regulate our feelings as much as our attention. And our families, friends, and colleagues are left struggling to deal with our often unpredictable reactions.

ADHD and Emotional Sensitivity is a compassionate look at the “feeling” side of adult ADHD. It will help you understand the reasons behind our sometimes crippling anxiety, volatile temperaments, and physical in-tolerances, and offer practical advice on what we can do about them.

  • Learn about the impact of ADHD sensitivity and the solutions we can use to deal with them.
  • Develop strategies to stop the experience of overwhelm.
  • Master your moods and learn to harness your hypersensitivity.

In ADHD and Emotional Sensitivity you will meet over a dozen ADHD experts who bring awareness and real solutions to the emotional battle many of us live with every day. Imagine being able to pause, think, and choose your reaction. This is a muscle you can build with practice!

ADHD Emotions

Video length: 40 minutes 

What others are saying:

“Should be required viewing for everyone affected by ADHD.” 
-Gina Pera, author Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?

“This video explained it all, and showed why we have to be so mindful of how these sensitivities affect us, so we can limit our exposure to them before we have a meltdown.” 

“As someone who hears the world twice as loud as it is, and at times reacts in due proportion, it was incredibly helpful.”