Parenting Kids With ADHD (Digital Download)

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Parenting a Child With ADHD | From TotallyADD

In Parenting ADHD Kids, you’ll find answers to the big questions. Why is my child so short-tempered and stubborn? How can I help build my child’s confidence and self-esteem? Can my child flourish without ADHD medication? And so much more!

Simple Strategies & Practical Ideas

This video addresses the unique challenges faced by families with ADHD kids, offering practical solutions and revealing unexpected opportunities.

Join actor/comedian Patrick McKenna and his wife, Janis, along with some of the world’s leading ADHD experts, as they explain how to transform your child’s life by understanding what works for ADHD kids and why.

  • Learn how to drop the guilt, let go of the fear, and focus on what will help your child soar.
  • Rediscover your child by seeing beyond their ADHD challenges.
    • End the conflicts and lower your stress level!

    ADHD Child

    Video length: 1 hour, 8 minutes