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Digital Downloads FAQ

Welcome to the Digital Downloads FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for

From time to time we will put information here to help you with the digital downloads you buy from

There are Q&As below on how to download MOVIES and EBOOKS. These are real questions from real customers with answers that solved their problems!

Questions about downloading/opening a downloadable video

Q: I bought a download, how do I download it?

A: When you completed your purchase, you should have received an email from us that says, "Time Sensitive:  Your Download link for Order ####”? If not, please check your email Junk or Spam folder to see if it ended up in there (which happens sometimes!). If you still don’t have it, let us know right away.

If you have the email, look for the text that says, THIS IS YOUR LINK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO OR EBOOK. Click on the link next to this text.

Clicking on the link should open up your web browser and take you to the page where you can access the video. (If not, let us know this is where things went astray.) Look for the download link and click on it.

At this point, a few different things can happen…
-Your device asks you where you want the download to go--and you pick someplace you’ll be sure to find it!
-The file downloads, you see where it is, and it works just fine, yay!
-Your device automatically downloads the video to your downloads folder but you can’t find it for the life of you.

In the “can’t find it” case, try searching your device to locate the downloads folder, or search for the file by it’s title (such as ADD & Loving It)

Note: Depending on the speed of your connection to the internet, the download process can take anywhere from minutes to hours. Most devices have some kind of download status indicator, so keep an eye out for that—your video will not work until it’s completely downloaded! We know long waits can be frustrating, so we spend many hours praying to Google to provide high-speed access for all!
If you get stuck somewhere along the way, please let us know what step you were at when things went awry.

Once the video has finished downloading you will be able to start watching your video! If the video won't open or play, see next question.

Q: How do I open the video?

A: If you can't get your downloaded video to play we recommend that you download the VLC video player, a free player that plays almost all types of movie files. You can find it here:

VLC for Mac -
VLC for Windows -

Q: How do I download a video from the TotallyADDShop onto my mobile device?

A: Getting a video on your mobile device, whether phone or tablet, is trickier than getting it on your PC. Here are the best options we know of...
The easiest option is to download it to your PC and then transfer it the same way you would transfer other media like music or movies—using iTunes or Google Play, for example. If at all possible, use this approach!

The other option is to install an app designed for this sort of thing to your device.
For an iPad (or iPod/iPhone), try Downloads HD Lite -  “Downloads Lite for iPad is a fully featured download manager that allows you to download files to your iPad, you can then view the downloaded files right on your iPad.”

For Android devices, try FVD - Free Video Downloader -
“FVD is a utility that allows you to download files from many web sites directly into yours device… Once installed, go to your desired web site and choose the file. The FVD icon will appear and it will allow you to download.”

Q: How do I move  a video I bought from TotallyADDShop from my computer to my iPad?

A: Here's how to do it:
1) Open iTunes on your computer
2) Resize the iTunes window so you can open a second window beside it. (Grab the edge of the window - click and drag it).
3) Locate the file you downloaded from Check to ensure it is the MOV version (also known as the QuickTime version). We also sell an AVI version but it doesn't work on the iPad. If you have bought the AVI version then drop and email to and we'll enable the MOV version for you so you can download it.
4) Drag the MOV version of the movie to the iTunes window and drop it on the Library section on the top left side of iTunes. Now if you click the Movies item in the Library list you should see the movie in the list in the main window.
5) Next connect your iPad to your computer with the white cable it came with. After a few seconds (or possibly a few minutes) it will show up in the left hand list in iTunes.
6) Click it to select it. In the main window of iTunes, the content of your iPad will show up. Click the Movies item across the top of the iTunes screen. All the movies available for syncing with your iPad wil show including the TotallyADD movie you want to add. Make sure you put a check mark next to "Sync Movies" at the top of the iTunes screen.
7) Click Apply at the bottom right and your iPad will sync the movie from your computer to your iPad.

Q: How do I open .zip files on my computer?

A: Some videos files are so large video that we have to break them into parts.
To make it easier to download (so you only have to download one file) we compress the files into a folder. First thing to do it make sure it's fully finished downloading. Once it is downloaded, you will have a .zip file.
To open the zip file:
On a Mac:
To open a .zip file on a Mac you should be able to simply double click on it and it will open. If it does not, you may need to download a free program that can unzip folders. You can download one here: Once you have installed zipeg you should now be able to open file. Double click on the zip file, it will create a folder with all of the video files in it. You can delete the .zip file and you will still have a folder with your video files.

On a PC:
To open a .zip file on a PC right-click on it and select "Extract All." In the "Select a File and Destination" window, click "browse" to choose where the unzipped files should be stored. By default, Windows unzips compressed files to their original location. Click "Extract" to unzip the files. Once finished you will have a folder with the video files in it, you can now delete the original .zip file.

Q: How do I open .zip files on my iPhone/iPad?

A: Downloading  zip files on an iPhone/iPad can not be done with out app. We recommend, if possible, to do this on a computer. If it's not possible however, there is a way of doing it.

Download the free app iZip and follow the instructions for installing and opening zip file. Click here to download iZip.

Questions about EPUB ebook downloads 

Q: How do I download an EPUB ebook from your store directly onto my iPad? 

A: Here's what to do:

1) On you iPad, ensure you have the iBooks app installed. It's free in the Apple app store on your iPad.

2) Open the download link for the EPUB file we sent you via email in the Safari web browser.

A screen will appear that gives you 2 options
a) Open in..
b) Open in iBooks
Tap option  B - then give it a second or two for iBooks to open and load the ebook

Q: How do I download an EPUB ebook from your store directly onto my computer then then transfer it to my iPad?

A: Here's what to do:

1) Make sure the free iBooks app is installed on your iPad. It;s available free from the App Store on your iPad.
2) Download the EPUB file from the link we sent you when you ordered the ebook. Save it in a place you can find easily.
3) Open iTunes on your computer.
4) Find the EPUB file on your computer.
5) Drag and drop the EPUB file onto your Library in iTunes on your computer.
6) Connect your iPad to your computer.
7) Check under the “Books” tab in iTunes to be sure the ebook you are transferring is selected for syncing
8) Then sync your iPad.
9) The EPUB book is added to your iBooks collection inside the iBooks app.
10) From now on, you can open the EPUB book from the iBooks app on your iPad.
Q: I downloaded the EPUB version of the book to my computer, but it won't open.

A: Usually the electronic version of a book is designed to be transferred and read on an ebook device such as a tablet or an ebook reader device such as the Kindle. However it is possible to read it on your computer. You need software that will open the EPUB format.
Here are a few free EPUB reader programs for your computer that are free:
Try this if you have a Windows computer:



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