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TotallyADD Video Trailers

Like a sneak preview of a video you want to buy? Here’s a menu of Video Trailers that highlight the videos available in the TotallyADD Shop. The trailers are a sampling of what you can expect to see in each video.

ADD & Loving It?!

"The best video I have seen and it so relates to me that I sat riveted to the TV without moving. It was the first terrific explanation I heard after my diagnosis. I learned so much that I re-watch it many times." - review

"I am ADD and I decided to watch this documentary. Afterward, I wanted to show it to my family and friends to better understand who I am and how my brain functions. There are so many tendencies that I have that I didn't know were related to my ADD. If you know and/or love anyone who is ADD, please watch this!" - review

An award winning film that has changed how millions of people view adult Attention Deficit /Hyperactivity (ADHD or ADD). ADD & Loving It?! is a ground-breaking blend of humor, hope, and science that dispels the myths about adult ADHD.

ADD & Mastering It!

“I CANNOT Thank You enough for making ADD & Mastering it! …Thank You for Changing my world!” – email from a fan, MB

This program targets the specific challenges of ADHD with 36 simple tools. Rick Green and Patrick McKenna share proven strategies that they use, ones that work with the ADHD/ADD mindset.



The Holistic Solution To ADHD

Struggling with ADHD?  Eager to get it handled?  Concerned about medication?  Confused about ‘natural cures’?

Do you have questions about diet, exercise, lifestyle changes?

Finally, one video with all the answers.


The Comprehensive Guide to ADHD

“Thank you for the incredible work you've been doing, and may the future bring even more success. We all need your support -- those living with ADD and those who love them!” – email from a fan, LM

(Available as a 3-Disc DVD box set, or as individual downloadable videos)



Facing The World

Shame. Stigma. Fear.

These are the biggest obstacles to mastering ADHD.

The fact is, the vast majority of people have no idea what ADHD is. There are many doctors who still don’t get it.

Their opinions and misinformation can derail you.


Marijuana, ADHD, and... Oh, look! Cows!

By adulthood everyone with ADHD is 'medicating' themselves. 

Whether they have been diagnosed with ADHD or not. 

They're self-medicating with nicotine, caffeine, overwork, drama, chaos, constant change, novelty seeking, risk taking, and addictions to gambling, food, sex, shopping, or exercise.



ADDeep Sleep

“I don’t know anybody (who has ADHD), including myself, who doesn’t have an issue with sleep.” - Dr. Roberto Olivardia

Can’t sleep? In this video, ADHD specialists explain why ADHD can add extra challenges to a good night’s sleep and share simple strategies to get a good night’s sleep.



The Perfect Career for ADHD

Is there a job that works with my ADHD?


Is there a career where ADHD isn’t a huge problem?

Yes. In fact, there may be some vocations where your differences can be an asset.



TotallyADD Tips for an Organized Life

“I watch this video a lot, to remind me of tips that work which I should be employing...and I have tried many of them. They really work.” – a note from a fan


How do you eat an entire elephant? One bite at a time. How do you live your life? One moment at a time. How do you de-clutter, organize, reduce the noise and visual distractions, handle paperwork and build visual systems that work for the ADHD/ADD mindset? One video at a time. And this is that one video.

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