ADD & Mastering It! (DVD)

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ADD & Mastering It! provides you with 36 proven strategies for dealing with your Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

If you’re thinking, “36 strategies?! I can’t keep my attention on 2 things,” don’t worry! ADD & Mastering It! gives you a range of tools to try out--if something doesn’t work, ditch it and move on! This video puts choice into your hands—there’s something for everyone!

  • Learn in a style created by and for those with an ADHD mindset, as Patrick and Rick present a playful approach to taking on new and productive habits.
  • Pick and choose from 36 tools and strategies that will not only help you manage your ADHD, but actually allow you to thrive!
  • Turn ADHD traits into advantages as you explore for yourself the proven strategies that others have used successfully in their own lives.


Put these approaches to the test and find out why people are saying, “I used to suffer from ADHD. Now I just have it.

This popular “user’s manual” for ADHD was created by the makers of the award-winning ADD & Loving It?! And who would know how to deal with this disorder better than the no-longer-suffering poster boys of ADHD, comedians Patrick McKenna and Rick Green! (Okay, and the 20 ADHD experts they interviewed.)

What others are saying:

“An awesome compilation of tips presented in an absolutely wonderful delivery mode for someone with ADD/ADHD! Addresses our most troublesome deficits. I highly recommend it to ADD/ADHD folks and their partners. Thank you so much!!! -S

“I sat there and watched my whole life explained. I got teary, which is huge because I don’t cry, that was abused out of me long ago. Now I’m ready for what can be. I’m working on understand who I am. Thank you, for giving me a life.”

“Like looking in a mirror and seeing myself and the difficulties that I struggle with most days… like finding the hidden passage to a lost treasure.”

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Run Time: 56 minutes