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ADD Stole My Car Keys
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155 surprising ways ADHD/ADD affects adults.

The ‘symptoms’ and ‘problems’ are grouped by topic.

“Common Beliefs ADHD People Share”

“Disorders That Resemble or Combine With ADHD”

“Unconscious Ways of Coping” that don’t really work well.

“23 Surprising, Unexpected, Sometimes Hidden, Often Unappreciated Strengths of ADHD Adults”

 REVIEW- by Rick Green

This is a great book! The perfect gift for someone who doesn’t believe ADHD is real, or doesn’t see that they may have it, or figures it’s just ‘who I am.’

It explores 155 different things ADHD Adults do, believe, avoid, stumble over, or completely miss.

The authors’ intention is to surprise you, and give you a much fuller appreciation of where ADHD may be sabotaging your life. 

Each on of the ‘signs’ or ‘behaviors is laid out in one easy-to-read page. Each is numbered and has an intriguing title such as, #18 Darwinian Blunder; 24 Child Chimney; 35 Spidey Senses; 79 Mr. Spock; and 149 Little League Lawyer.

And the book is funny. It always makes me laugh out loud, and I know what’s coming, because I actually co-wrote it. Actually, I rarely remember the punch-lines cause my working memory is crappy. (See #91 Elusive Answer; and 59 Yeast? It said yeast?)

A funny, informative read by two of the handsomest and humble human beings ever to walk the face of this planet. Or any other planet.

On a more serious note, it’s a clever and powerful tool to slip into the hands of someone who is in denial, or worse, thinks they know exactly what ADHD is.


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