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The Comprehensive Guide to ADHD Video Downloads

The essential foundation for understanding and mastering ADHD.


Video #1 - What is ADHD? (45 minutes)

The first video in this growing library our Comprehensive Guide to ADHD delves deeply into the history and neurology of ADHD. Host Rick Green and a dozen experts explore the genetics, the causes, the symptoms, and why ADHD looks so different in adults. Doctors explain why ADHD impacts every area of life. The message is powerful: you are not weird, weak, stupid, lazy, or broken. You have a unique mindset, and finally understanding what’s going on will completely transform your future.


Video #2 - Embracing the Diagnosis! (48 minutes)

Once people suspect they have ADHD, perhaps from an article, or seeing one of our programs on PBS, or when a family member is diagnosed, many want a reliable diagnosis. They want to know, “Do I fall into this spectrum? Or is it something else that has me struggling. Diagnosing ADHD is tricky. It’s complex. And it involves specific steps. And very few medical professionals are fully trained in diagnosis. Others will do a complete diagnosis, but for thousands of dollars. Before you spend that kind of money, or even before you see your family doctor, this video can give you power.


Video #3 - Living with ADHD (50 minutes)

Illustrates how ADHD can sabotage marriages, families, friendships, and careers. Patrick & Janis McKenna from ADD & Loving It?!, share their struggles and challenges, while Dr. Umesh Jain, Gina Pera and a dozen ADHD experts dismantle the complex web of symptoms to allow you to transform your relationships. This video will especially resonate with everyone who lives or work with someone who has ADHD.


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The Comprehensive Guide to ADHD Video Downloads

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