Earning A Degree With ADHD (Digital Download)

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Going off to college is a big transition. One that’s stressful, exciting, and scary.

With tuitions soaring, earning a degree requires a huge commitment of time and money. And yet, so many ADHD students are unsure of so many things: courses to take, how to manage the workload, and where to get help.

Knowing that ADHD impacts focus, follow-through, memory, listening skills, time management, and addictive behaviors, it’s easy to see why even the smartest people with ADHD can struggle in College and University.

ADHD Degree

Earning A Degree With ADHD guides you through the risks and challenges ADHD students face as they enter college - away from home, on their own, without the structure of parents and high school.

In this one hour program, 15 ADHD specialists and educators address a wide range of concerns and questions, including:

  • ADHD accommodations for in-class, studying, and taking exams.
  • Advocating with Student Services to receive the accommodations you need.
  • Effective Study Strategies that are proven to help with memory and retention.  And some popular Study Strategies that don’t make a difference.

And finally, host Rick Green offers a surprising suggestion for students who are struggling to decide, ‘ What do I want to do with my life?’.  It’s advice that could save you tens of thousands of dollars and years of wasted effort.

Length:1 hour

What others have to say:

“A great video for young adults who are beginning life at college. Funny and engaging, it helps make sense of what an ADD'er might encounter in college. Important information, "big picture" ideas and many, very practical solutions to problems that might arise."
-Jeffrey S. Katz, Ph.D

"Folks with ADHD looking to get a college education will find comfort and solid strategies for getting through, with grace and efficiency!"
-Wilma Fellman