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Embracing the Diagnosis! (Video Download)

You suspect that, "I may have a bit of that ADHD."
Perhaps you saw our videos on PBS, or you took our ADHD quiz.
Or you read an article. Someone showed you a checklist.
Maybe a family member has been diagnosed.

Now you're worried. Wondering, "Do I have this mindset? Or could it be something else?"

Diagnosing ADHD is tricky. It's a process of elimination. And of recognition. The 'symptom checklist' is vague. The doctor must ask very specific questions. The problems must be ongoing. And impairing in many areas of life. Quizzes and 'Symptom Checklists' are just the beginning.

Unfortunately, very few doctors know how to properly diagnose it. So many women are misdiagnosed with Depression, or Anxiety. Men are often told it's just overwork, or stress.

Some ADHD specialists charge thousands of dollars for a complete diagnosis. And it takes time to get an appointment.

Before you spend a lot of money, arm yourself with knowledge.

This fascinating video lays out what ADHD is, and what it is not. Tap into the wisdom and experience of top experts. Be aware of all the steps to a proper diagnosed.

Arrive at your doctor's office aware and up to speed. This video will save you precious time, energy, and money.

When you're well-informed from the start, you avoid frustration, and get full value out every appointment.


Running Time: 48 minutes

File Format: MP4

Click here to buy all three Comprehensive Guides as a 3-Disc DVD box set


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Embracing the Diagnosis! (Video Download)

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