Facing the World (Digital Download)

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No more arguing or defending. Facing the World helps you leave behind the stigma of ADHD and emerge from conversations unscathed, undaunted, and more confident than ever!

Have you ever felt shut down by well-meaning people who tell you ADHD isn’t real?

“It’s bad parenting.” “It’s a scam made up by doctors.” “I don’t believe in it.” How do you protect yourself, while not turning everyone else into the enemy? Find out what works, and what doesn’t, with your genial host Rick Green, Founder of TotallyADD.

  • Discover the unconscious psychological reasons that spur others to dismiss, deny, and subvert your progress.
  • Lose the shame and fear of talking to people about your ADHD through a series of simple, guided, ‘practice’ conversations.
  • Transform denial into acceptance and understanding, and even turn your harshest critics into your most powerful advocates!

Once you accept your ADHD, it doesn’t mean others will. Facing The World tackles one of the most difficult challenges people with ADHD have—other people! This video gives you a simple, proven strategy to silence the critics, disarm the know-it-alls, and educate those who really do want to help.

What others are saying:

"Very entertaining and well organized, and easy to remember many of the strategies in just the first viewing. I especially recommend this video to others who feel pressured or dismissed by other people when it comes to disclosing one's ADHD condition."
– Grant Crowell

"Anyone with ADD that needs a little extra support to face the world, I recommend watching this. I felt inspired and it has given me the courage to tell my family without having to apologize for who I am."
– J.W.

Video length: 26 minutes

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