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Facing the World + ADHD & Emotional Sensitivity (Downloadable Video)

Facing the World

Shame. Stigma. Fear.

These are the biggest obstacles to mastering ADHD.

The fact is, the vast majority of people have no idea what ADHD is. There are many doctors who still don’t get it.

Their opinions and misinformation can derail you.

Listen, after a lifetime of struggle and unexplained failures, you can be forgiven for not trusting yourself. The danger is that ‘well-meaning’ people who know nothing about ADHD will convince you, “It’s not real. You’re fine. You just need to get organized. Stop procrastinating. Stick with stuff. And try harder.’

Finally, a video that gives you a simple, proven strategy to silence the critics, disarm the know-it-alls, and expose their fallacies.

As Dr. Ned Hallowell explains, there are unconscious psychological reasons that spur others to subvert your progress. In Facing The World you’ll learn how these hidden dynamics drive the dismissal and denial of other people. People who will swear, ‘We only have your best interests at heart.’

As well, host Rick Green stages a series of sample ‘conversations’ that clearly demonstrate what works, and what doesn’t. These are simple answers that you can use anywhere, with anyone.

No more arguing. No more convincing others. No more bullying, or being bullied.

Become bulletproof to anything that’s thrown at you. Facing the World will allow you to emerge undaunted, moving forward, stronger than ever.

Rick’s simple strategies are miraculous—as you’ll discover when you turn enemies into your allies. That’s right! You can actually leave others wanting to know more about ADHD!

Rick knows from painful, first-hand experience that the harshest critics can become powerful advocates. Transformation is not just possible, but probable. Stop dreading others. Learn what works to give you the power when you are Facing The World.

Format - Download Only - Total Running Time - 26 Minutes
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ADHD & Emotional Sensitivity

"You are so… Touchy. Jumpy. Volatile. Moody. Anxious. Too sensitive. Over-reactive. A drama queen. Always imagining the worst."

Sound familiar?

ADHD is more than struggling to manage our attention, curb our impulsiveness, and control our hyperactivity.

Many of us also struggle to manage our emotions, curb our overreactions, and control our hypersensitivity.

Those of us with ADHD often suffer from crippling anxiety, explosive anger, or moods that ricochet from one extreme to the other. And we do not suffer alone.  Our families, friends, and colleagues have to deal with our unpredictable reactions and mercurial personalities.

It's a roller coaster ride where everyone wants off.

But it's not just emotional hypersensitivity. So many of us struggle with physical sensitivities. We cringe, wince or struggle with loud noises, busy places, physical sensations, tastes and smells.

In this full length program, Roberto Olivardia, Kathleen Nadeau, and a dozen other doctors, ADHD Specialists, and best-selling authors take a timely, gentle, sensitive look at the reasons behind our volatile temperaments, the damage it does, and solutions you can use.

Their timely advice will help you to master your moods, control the chaos, and even deal with the physical sensations that set your teeth on edge.

Imagine being able to pause, think, and choose your reaction. This is a muscle you can build with practice!

So, take a deep breath, hit play, and enjoy the ride.

Format: Video Download  - Total Running Time: 40 minutes

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