Inside an ADHD Mind (Digital Audio)

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In the decade since he was first diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, comedy writer/director/actor Rick Green has produced two PBS programs on ADHD, created the groundbreaking website, and produced hundreds of videos, blogs, and articles about ADHD.

He has interviewed over 75 top ADHD experts for his many full-length videos, and hosted over 50 webinars with doctors, coaches, researchers, and mental health advocates. He has spoken to school groups, at ADHD conferences, and Psychiatric conferences about the reality and the challenges of this mindset.

Along the way he has accumulated tons of information, a good deal of knowledge, and perhaps even a little wisdom.

Alternating between humorous and heartfelt, Rick finds a fresh perspective to guide you forward.

These are some of the things I wish I’d been told when I was first diagnosed.