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Marijuana, ADHD, and... Oh, look! Cows! (Video Download)

By adulthood everyone with ADHD is 'medicating' themselves. 

Whether they have been diagnosed with ADHD or not. 

They're self-medicating with nicotine, caffeine, overwork, drama, chaos, constant change, novelty seeking, risk taking, and addictions to gambling, food, sex, shopping, or exercise.

But perhaps the most common, and least recognized choice for self-medicating is marijuana. 

"It takes the edge off. I can focus.

"It allows me to relax so I can do my job.

"It calms me down so that I can sleep.

"It shuts off the noise and chatter. I'm not anxious."  


In this video ADHD experts reveal why Cannabis does help some ADHD symptoms. In the short term.

Hear from the experts in this video: Dr Lily Hechtman, Dr Edward Hallowell, Dr Ari Tuckman, Dr Stephanie Sarkis, Dr Margaret Weiss, Dr David Teplin, Dr Allan Donsky, Dr David Pomeroy, Dr Umesh Jain, Gina Pera, Laurie Dupar and ADHD & Addiction specialist Dr. Sam Chang. 

They also outline the costs, risks, and dangers, both to the body and mind. Science is showing that Marijuana impacts memory, IQ, motivation, and leads to higher rates of psychosis and even Schizophrenia. The latest scientific studies are revealing a shocking reality that the media is reluctant to talk about.

Featuring our ADHD poster boy, Bill, and his wife Constance, this video brims with humanity. And some shocking information. Prepare to have your beliefs challenged. This isn't scare mongering. This is simply what's so. 

If you, or someone you love, is using Cannabis to cope, this video is a must-see. 


As Dr. Ari Tuckman notes, "I value your goal, I understand wanting to feel better, I understand why you feel like you can focus a little bit more.  But, man, there are better solutions than that."



FORMAT:  Download only

RUN TIME:  40 minutes, 42 seconds

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Marijuana, ADHD, and... Oh, look! Cows! (Video Download)

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Marijuana, ADHD, and... Oh, look! Cows! (Video Download)

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