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Now You Tell Me?! (Digital Download)

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From TotallyADD

Surviving the Emotional Tornado of An ADHD Diagnosis

Now You Tell Me?! will help you move through the inevitable stages that we all experience so you can fully appreciate who you are—and who you are capable of being.

Emotional Stages of Acceptance

Receiving a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a big turning point in an adult’s life. It can also be emotionally devastating. You, and everyone around you, may be consumed with anger, regret, blame, sadness or 10,000 other emotions—your mind racing from bitterness to relief, resentment to enthusiasm, joy to sorrow in a matter of minutes.

This video will guide you safely through the swirling storm of emotions most of us experience when we get diagnosed. Understand the triggers that can derail your progress and sabotage your well-being. And be prepared to deal with the denial and hostility that can come from loved ones and colleagues as they are confronted by the reality of “a new you."

  • Forgive yourself—and others—who “should have recognized this long ago."
  • Identify troubling emotions so you can experience them and move on, rather than be consumed and stuck in them. Break the grip of disheartening thoughts like, "What my life could have been! If only I’d known sooner! I wish I’d never found out!"
  • Use positive emotions to move forward, understanding and taking charge of your particular flavor of ADHD.

Video length: 46 minutes