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Your Personal ADHD Starter Kit (Video Download)

Have you or a loved one been recently diagnosed with ADHD? Perhaps you're recognizing yourself in ADHD tests and checklists?

Getting diagnosed in adulthood can be a shock. It's a life-changing moment. But, ultimately, an ADHD diagnosis is a good thing. Much better to know what's going on than to continue to believe you're weird, flaky, lazy, unreliable, or stupid. Finally, you have an explanation that you can work with.

To help you do just that, we've put together a package of videos to explain what ADHD is, and what it is not—and give you invaluable advice on dealing with the emotions you'll experience, and the negative responses you may encounter from others. It contains everything we wish we'd known when we were first diagnosed. And more.

Our Starter Kit is an incredible bargain. Dozens of top experts. Practical advice. ADHD-friendly tools and strategies to master your mindset. Packaged with our award-winning blend of humor, science, and hope. For less than the cost of one doctor's visit!

Your Personal ADHD Starter Kit includes the following videos:

ADD & Loving It?!

ADD & Loving it?! has been called “the best film ever made on ADHD.” Okay, we called it that, but thousands agree! Originally aired on Global Television in Canada and PBS in the US, this award-winning documentary is changing lives.

Made by and for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, this is a must-see for anyone who has ever been impacted by this much-misunderstood disorder -- or wondered if they had it.

  • Separate fact from fiction, as ADD & Loving It?! busts common myths and misconceptions with game-changing insights from experts working on the front lines of research and treatment.
  • Learn about the personal struggles of coming to grips with ADHD, as comedian Patrick McKenna shares his journey to diagnosis.
  • Discover how to turn this “disorder” into an ally and take advantage of your natural strengths.

With a unique blend of science, humour, and hope, ADD & Loving it?! cuts through the stigma of a syndrome that we thought we knew, and shows us that we are not alone!


"Thanks for saving my life and giving me a 2nd chance for a better life.”  -JW  (Loving It)

“The impact it had on my life is just plain indescribable. What a tool, what a resource!” -BD

“I've been misdiagnosed for over almost 30 years. I saw ADD and Loving It?! and it explains my whole life the way nothing else has. I started reading, going to support groups and diving into this new journey… I feel like I have a whole new lease on life!” -DP

“My husband always wondered what is wrong with him. Until he saw this! He made an appointment today to get an initial assessment! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!” -VC

“The best… I sat riveted to the TV without moving... I learned so much that I re-watch it many times.” -B


Run Time: 57 minutes


Now You Tell Me

Surviving the Emotional Tornado of an ADHD Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a big turning point in an adult’s life. It can also be emotionally devastating. You, and everyone around you, may be consumed with anger, regret, blame, sadness or 10,000 other emotions—your mind racing from bitterness to relief, resentment to enthusiasm, joy to sorrow in a matter of minutes.

This video will guide you safely through the swirling storm of emotions most of us experience when we get diagnosed. Understand the triggers that can derail your progress and sabotage your well-being. And be prepared to deal with the denial and hostility that can come from loved ones and colleagues as they are confronted by the reality of “a new you."

  • Forgive yourself—and others—who “should have recognized this long ago."
  • Identify troubling emotions so you can experience them and move on, rather than be consumed and stuck in them. Break the grip of disheartening thoughts like, "What my life could have been! If only I’d known sooner! I wish I’d never found out!"
  • Use positive emotions to move forward, understanding and taking charge of your particular flavor of ADHD.

Now You Tell Me?! Surviving the Emotional Tornado of An ADHD Diagnosis will help you move through the inevitable stages that we all experience so you can fully appreciate who you are—and who you are capable of being.


Run Time: 46 minutes


Facing the World

Once you accept your ADHD, it doesn’t mean others will. Facing The World tackles one of the most difficult challenges ADHDers have—other people! This video gives you a simple, proven strategy to silence the critics, disarm the know-it-alls, and educate those who really do want to help.

Have you ever felt shut down by well-meaning people who tell you ADHD isn’t real?
“It’s bad parenting.” “It’s a scam made up by doctors.” “I don’t believe in it.” How do you protect yourself, while not turning everyone else into the enemy? Find out what works, and what doesn’t, with your genial host and fellow ADHDer, Rick Green.

  • Discover the unconscious psychological reasons that spur others to dismiss, deny, and subvert your progress.
  • Lose the shame and fear of talking to people about your ADHD through a series of simple, guided, ‘practice’ conversations.
  • Transform denial into acceptance and understanding, and even turn your harshest critics into your most powerful advocates!

No more arguing or defending. Facing the World helps you leave behind the stigma of ADHD and emerge from conversations unscathed, undaunted, and more confident than ever!


"Very entertaining and well organized, and easy to remember many of the strategies in just the first viewing. I especially recommend this video to others who feel pressured or dismissed by other people when it comes to disclosing one's ADHD condition." – Grant Crowell

"Anyone with ADD that needs a little extra support to face the world, I recommend watching this. I felt inspired and it has given me the courage to tell my family without having to apologize for who I am."
– J.W.


Run Time - 26 Minutes


To Tell or Not to Tell?

The Smart, Safe Way to Talk About Your ADHD

You have your diagnosis. You’re learning a lot, discovering powerful strategies, and everything is changing. You’re excited and want to share with people. But who you tell and what you tell them requires planning, forethought, restraint, and patience. And if you had those traits, you wouldn’t have ADHD!

To Tell Or Not To Tell is a must-see video that explores the vital issue of how to disclose your ADHD. There is a right way to do it, and a dozen wrong ways. And once it’s done, it’s done.

  • Explore the hidden dangers and surprising consequences of disclosing your ADHD.
  • Learn effective techniques for letting the cat out of the bag.
  • Discover who to tell and when, and take charge of your life!

In a survey of ADHD coaching clients who disclosed their diagnoses, “About 50% got the accommodations and help that they needed. The other 50% either lost their jobs, got demoted, or were passed over for promotions.” To Tell Or Not To Tell gives you the power to beat the odds!


“This is one I'll recommend to my clients who still question what they should do.”  -L


Run Time: 40 minutes


Ideas, Insights & 'The Itch' - Uncut with Dr. Ned Hallowell



"I’m here to tell you, there’s no diagnosis in the world that can change a person’s life more dramatically for the better than the diagnosis of adult ADD..."


Join a powerful conversation with legendary ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell. These are mind expanding, paradigm shifting ideas.

Ned offers profound advice on dozens of topics: from medication, emotion, and women's issues, to using ADHD in service of your life goals. Presented with Ned's trademark humour, warmth, and humanity.

Dr. Hallowell is the best selling author of Driven to Distraction, Delivered from Distraction, Worry, Superparenting for ADD, Shine, Crazy Busy, The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, Answers to Distraction, A Walk in the Rain with a Brain, Married to Distraction, Connect, Dare to Forgive, Learning Outside The Lines, and Finding the Heart of the Child.



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