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The Comprehensive Guide to ADHD (3 DVDs in a boxed set)

We interviewed the world’s top ADHD experts, asking them for answers to your burning questions and the result is The Comprehensive Guide to ADHD, your A to Z of adult ADHD! Whether you’re newly diagnosed, a veteran, or know someone living with ADHD, this 3-DVD set has something for you.

 Purchased individually, these videos sell for $44.97.
But we bundled them together in a 3 DVD set for just $34.99!

*Disc 1 -
What is ADHD?

  • Explore the challenges and hidden costs of ADHD.
  • Understand your unique neurology and biochemistry.
  • Bust popular myths and misconceptions.
  • Learn potential positives from inspiring success stories.


*Disc 2 - Embracing the Diagnosis

  • Is it ADHD, or something else?
  • Find out why it can be so hard to get a reliable diagnosis.
  • Discover the difference a diagnosis makes.
  • Get the ADHDer point of view, in plain English!


*Disc 3 - Living with ADHD

  • Understand how ADHD impacts marriages, families, careers.
  • Identify and work with anger and blame.
  • Learn how to help and support the ADHDer in your life.
  • Prepare for a new future!


You are not “weird,” “weak,” “stupid,” “lazy,” or “broken.” The Comprehensive Guide to ADHD explains your unique mindset and supports you in transforming your relationships and your life! Comes with 45 minutes of Bonus Material –that’s like a whole extra video for free!

“This is a no brainer. Three DVDs? With some of my favorite ADHD experts? Assembled and interviewed by Rick Green, in his own inimitable, informed, entertaining style? Seriously, what are you waiting for?”  – Gina Pera


Also available separately as a digital download:

What is ADHD?
Embracing the Diagnosis!
Living with ADHD

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