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The Holistic Solution to ADHD (Video Download)

What does “holistic” mean? It means that we are looking at the whole person. The Holistic Solution to ADHD targets the mind, body, and spirit with multiple strategies working together to transform your life with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

This lively, visual, ADHD-friendly program explores topics like CBT, couples therapy, disclosure, diet, sleep, exercise, mindfulness, support groups, supplements, and yes, even medication. You’ll hear from a wide range of experts with advice and coaching on a broad spectrum of treatments and practices for well-being.

  • Find out how diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and other factors can make a difference in your daily life.
  • Sort out common questions about medication versus ‘natural cures’.
  • Find the best combination of tools and strategies that work for you.

The Holistic Solution to ADHD is a resource you will come back to again and again, as you try out different modalities to best suit your needs. Each tool enhances the other tools, and success builds on success. The great thing about a holistic approach is that you get choose what works best!

Video length: 1 hour, 12 minutes 


“The videos discuss many different avenues to treat ADHD that compliment medication—different types of psychotherapy, coaching, support groups, meditation, sleep, nutrition, and the list goes on! Humorous & insightful! Great job TotallyADD!”
 -Deb Rowley, Psychotherapist & ADHD Coach


Format: Video Download (MP4)

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