The TotallyADD Uncut Bundle

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Ned Hallowell, MD, Coauthor: Driven to Distraction

Anthony Rostain, MD, Coauthor: The Adult ADHD Tool Kit

Russell Barkley, Ph.D., Author: Taking Charge of Adult ADHD

Gina Pera, Author: Is it You, Me, or Adult ADD?

Rick Green founder of TotallyADD interviewed these 4 ADHD experts, who offer decades of wisdom and advice.

The TotallyADD Uncut Bundle offers great insight at an incredible price.

You will receive:

'Hope, Fear, & Clutter!' - a 54 minute audio interview with the fascinating Anthony Rostain (delivered in convenient .mp3 format.)

'Ideas, Insights, & the "Itch"' - a 1hr 24min audio interview with the always entertaining Ned Hallowell. (.mp3 format)

'ADHD & The Mind's playground' a 15 page .pdf transcript of our interview with Russell Barkley.

'Living the Best Life' a 27 page .pdf transcript of our interview with Gina Pera.

4 interviews, over 2 hours of audio, 42 pages of transcripts

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Hope, Fear & Clutter! Uncut with Dr. Anthony Rostain - Audio Download:

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Dr. Anthony Rostain, professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. We discussed a whole range of topics and some snippets have been used in our videos, but I wanted you to be able to hear the entire conversation. And to hear Dr. Rostain's knowledge, curiosity and humanity. - Rick Green, TotallyADD


Listen to it all the way through, or graze through for specific topics. (Track listing at bottom of page)




    Ideas, Insights & 'The Itch' - Uncut with Dr. Ned Hallowell - Audio Download:

    "I’m here to tell you, there’s no diagnosis in the world that can change a person’s life more dramatically for the better than the diagnosis of adult ADD..."

    Join a powerful conversation with legendary ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell.

    Dr. Hallowell offers profound advice on dozens of topics, from medication, emotion, and women’s issues, to using ADHD in service of your goals in life. These are mind expanding, paradigm shifting ideas. Presented with Ned’s trademark humour, warmth, and humanity.

    Dr. Hallowell is the best selling author of Driven to Distraction, Delivered from Distraction, Worry, Superparenting for ADD, Shine, Crazy Busy, The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, Answers to Distraction, A Walk in the Rain with a Brain, Married to Distraction, Connect, Dare to Forgive, Learning Outside The Lines, and Finding the Heart of the Child. 


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    Living The Best Life - Uncut with Gina Pera - eBook

    This short, easy-to-read book brims with advice drawn from Gina’s years of experience leading a support group for ADHD adults.

    “In most cases, you know that your partner is not a bad person or a mean person, who’s doing these things on purpose.

    It’s like having a third entity in the relationship. You can’t blame it on “You”, and you can’t blame it on “Me”. There’s this whole other entity that’s responsible.

    It’s not a question of blame; it’s a question of recognition.”

    She explains the pitfalls of getting ‘the wrong therapist’, or seeking help from professionals who do not understand ADHD.

    A passionate advocate, Gina is committed to spreading the truth about ADHD and giving people tools that actually work. And she doesn’t pull any punches.

    “Whether it’s children or adults with ADHD, it results in a loss of human resources.

    There’s too much of a tendency to dismiss these problems because people think, “Oh, he’s always been like that, and he always will be. Why can’t you just accept it?”

    It’s not a question of whether I want to accept it; it’s a question of whether the person is getting the information they need, to have the best life that they can have.”

    Topics include:

    • Is ADHD a Gift?
    • How ADHD Sabotages Relationships
    • Self-Medicating
    • Why Treatment Matters
    • Are there ADHD-Friendly Careers?
    • The Truth About Medications
    • Finding Reliable Information on ADHD.
    • Powerful Advice & Support for the Non-ADHD Spouse
    • Why a Proper Diagnosis Can Provide Relief, and Real Power

    By cutting through the myths and fear mongering, Gina has helped thousands of couples; in person, and through her writing. She knows what works.

    Gina understands this is a journey—for both partners.

    “Only after someone has said, “No, you’re not crazy. Yes, we believe you. Yes, this is happening. Yes, other people have experienced it too,” then you can start working on solutions.

    And then, you can start working on forgiving your partner.”

    In this interview, she offers inspiration and hope for ADDers and their loved ones.

    “After getting treatment, they don’t lose their personality; they become more themselves, and less defined by symptoms. And they have all kinds of new opportunities. That, to me, is what it’s all about: Not being defined by your limitations.”

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    ADHD & The Mind’s Playground - Uncut with Dr. Russell Barkley - eBook:


    He is arguably the world’s foremost expert on the science of ADHD. In this exclusive interview researcher, educator, and prolific author Dr. Russell Barkley explains this complex disorder with concise clarity.


    In this eBook of our interview with him, Dr. Barkley outlines the core issues, and reveals what you can do about them, including:

    -3 Things We Know for sure about ADHD

    -7 ADHD Truths We Not Longer Believe

    -Mysteries About ADHD That Science May Soon Answer

    -3 Key Resources You Can Access

    -The Many Ways ADHD Evolves as You Age

    -The Core Challenges That Make This a Real Disorder

    -3 Simple But Crucial Actions to Master Your ADHD

    -His message is clear: THERE IS HOPE!

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      Hope, Fear & Clutter! Audio Download track listing:

      Ideas, Insights & 'The Itch' Audio Download track listing: