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Totally ADD Tips For An Organized Life (Video Download)

How do you eat an entire elephant? 
One bite at a time.
How do you live your life?
One moment at a time.
How do you de-clutter, organize, reduce the noise and visual distractions, build structures, handle paperwork and build visual systems that work for the ADHD/ADD mindset? 
One video at a time.
And this is that one video.


Please Note - This is the downloadable video version of this title. After completing your purchase you will be sent a link via email that you can use to download this title for use on your  computer or other video playback device. No physical DVD will be shipped to you. 

File Format
MP4 - Plays in the free QuickTime player available from Apple on a Mac or Windows. File size: 484 MB

1) Add the download to your cart and choose the file version you want.
2) Wait a few minutes and look in your email account that you provided to us during check out. You will get an order confirmation.
3) A few minutes after that you will get an second email with your download link.
4) You can download the file to your computer up to ten times in 5 days. After that the link will expire. 
5) If you have questions or need help email us using our contact us page


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Totally ADD Tips For An Organized Life (Video Download)

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Totally ADD Tips For An Organized Life (Video Download)

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