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ADD & Loving It?! (Video Download)

ADD & Loving it?! has been called “the best film ever made on ADHD.” Okay, we called it that, but thousands agree! Originally aired on Global Television in Canada and PBS in the US, this award-winning documentary is changing lives.

Made by and for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, this is a must-see for anyone who has ever been impacted by this much-misunderstood disorder -- or wondered if they had it.

  • Separate fact from fiction, as ADD & Loving It?! busts common myths and misconceptions with game-changing insights from experts working on the front lines of research and treatment.
  • Learn about the personal struggles of coming to grips with ADHD, as comedian Patrick McKenna shares his journey to diagnosis.
  • Discover how to turn this “disorder” into an ally and take advantage of your natural strengths.

With a unique blend of science, humour, and hope, ADD & Loving it?! cuts through the stigma of a syndrome that we thought we knew, and shows us that we are not alone!

(downloadable video edition)

Video length: 57 minutes

Please Note - This is the downloadable video version of this title. After completing your purchase you will be sent a link via email that you can use to download this title for use on your  computer or other video playback device. No physical DVD will be shipped to you. Buy the DVD version here.



"Thanks for saving my life and giving me a 2nd chance for a better life.”  -JW  (Loving It)

“The impact it had on my life is just plain indescribable. What a tool, what a resource!” -BD

“I've been misdiagnosed for over almost 30 years. I saw ADD and Loving It?! and it explains my whole life the way nothing else has. I started reading, going to support groups and diving into this new journey… I feel like I have a whole new lease on life!” -DP

“I use ADD and Loving It?! with patients who may be wondering what ADHD is and if they have it. It is a great introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of having ADHD and how they can be managed.” -AA, Ph.D and Licensed Psychologist

“My son was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and as a teacher I worked with children diagnosed with ADD, but I never fully understood it until seeing the video. I wish I had seen it when my child was young.” -TL

“Hilarious! Totally had me paying attention (hehe)—and even non-ADDers will find it amusing.” -MA

“I found this very helpful for empathizing with my child and the issues he faces. Very entertaining as well as informative.” -SH

“It's so frustrating, depressing and horrible to have this type of learning and functioning disability, so to have a video that completely hits home on so many points while doing it with humor intermixed with doctor interviews is so refreshing and inspiring. Exactly what I had hoped for.” -AD

“My husband always wondered what is wrong with him. Until he saw this! He made an appointment today to get an initial assessment! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!” -VC

“The best… I sat riveted to the TV without moving... I learned so much that I re-watch it many times.” -B

 "Watching ADD and Loving It again for the 5th or 6th time. It never gets old and I continue to learn something new and most importantly I keep laughing. Thank you for this wonderful program.”  -JB



Run Time: 57 minutes

A new version of ADD & Loving It?! With Danish subtitles is now available! For more details:

1) Add the download to your cart and pay for your download.
2) Wait a few minutes and look in your email account that you provided to us during check out. You wil get an order confirmation.
3) A few minutes after that you will get an second email with your download link.
4) You can download the file to your computer up to five times in 5 days. After that the link will expire. But you can keep the video forever!
5) If you have questions or need help email us using our contact us page


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