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Women's ADHD Rock Star T-Shirt

Reduced shipping available as of July 17th on remaining quantities! (Limited time only)

Having ADHD is a bit like being a Rock Star, but for all the right reasons. If you’re misunderstood, a little bit wild, have no interest in being ‘normal’, and want to look the part, this is for you.


Black, long-sleeve women's shirt with white silkscreen AD/HD logo on front.

The ADHD Rock Star t-shirt is made from high quality 100% cotton. 

Made in Canada.

And no bothersome tag on your neck.  This t-shirt is Tagless!

Large - Low Stock

XL - Low Stock

XXL - Low Stock

Please check your measurements!  We find that they are a smaller fit and we recommend that you buy one size larger than you would normally buy.  For example, order a medium if you normally would buy a small.

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